Concrete Panels

Panel construction is a cost effective and most importantly a time-saving low maintenance innovation.

Much has changed nowadays that architects are incorporating pre-cast panelling to house construction. Therefore a superior surface coating is required to cover the cement surface imperfections.

A paint coating will not provide a first class surface finish and most times will still expose a tiny pin hole substandard finish.

But if you require a pleasing aesthetically durable even finish you need to apply an acrylic high build Texture coating to the concrete surface.

Not only does it bring out the best appearance of your wall, it adds value to your project.

Before Eurotrend apply a one-coat finish of colour we make sure that all substrates are clear of dust, water and release agents such as oils used in the formation of the panels.

A high pressure spray is required to clean the surface and allow maximum adhesion. All our work is undertaken by licensed operators.