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Concrete Resurfacing: Euro Trend Plastering Offers a Cost-effective Way to a Brand-New Look

There is no need to rip out all of the old concrete driveway or patio. Decorative concrete resurfacing is the permanent solution to those old concrete areas of a property. It provides an overall new appearance with the entire fix. It gives a new surface free from dust, marks and stain. Concrete resurfacing Perth is applicable to old concrete, new concrete or the renovator can blend the new concrete extensions to old concrete.
Most concrete surfaces witness significant weathering and wear-tear over the years. If the surface is a floor then problem multiplies. Quick and clean damage-free concrete resurfacing can give new birth to the buildings. Resurfacing restores the surface’s function and non-slip capabilities. Concrete resurfacing is applicable to a wall, decorative object or a slab too. Apart from driveways and patios, concrete resurfacing can work wonder to pool surrounds, stairways, traffic islands and to pedestrian crossing even.

Advantages of Concrete Resurfacing

  1. Cost-effectiveness
  2. Freedom from marks and stains
  3. Easy maintenance
  4. Plenty of colour combinations
  5. Many design possibilities
  6. Long-lasting durability

Ordinary paving paints lock moisture in the concrete causing bubbling and then peeling off. Concrete resurfacing Perth brings extremely hard wearing. A mixture of good quality cement, high grade polymers and fine aggregates adds value to the property. It’s not ordinary; it’s specially formulated decorative concrete coating system.
How the Process Works?

  1. Measuring the area
  2. Planning and designing – This step comprises of picking coat colour, choosing pattern, choosing main top coat colour, choosing fleck colours (Optional).
  3. Cleaning and preparing for concrete resurfacing
  4. Application of resurfacing system – This step comprises of priming the concrete, base coat, applying the pattern, spraying and sealing, cleaning and sealing.

Euro Trend Plastering provides the most modern concrete resurfacing colours and stencils along with expert services which can change the look of your property to a brand-new one. The company is your one-stop solution for concrete resurfacing.