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Exterior Plaster Perth & Exterior Plastering Service Perth  by Euro Trend

Homeowners and renovators look for one stop solutions in plastering projects. They depend on the service providers who take care from start to finish, including consultation on colours and materials and advice on maintenance. Craftsmanship, excellence and integrity are three prime factors that every customer searches for in exterior plastering service Perth.

Euro Trend Plastering provides exterior plastering service Perth for residential and commercial projects throughout Western Australia. Rendering and external plastering require attention to detail and is relevant to contemporary buildings as well as restoration and heritage work. Owner builders, homeowners, builders, architects and commercial clients are the prospective customers. They want to discuss their needs and requirements thoroughly and appreciate high number of recommendations to ensure the best possible finish for exterior plaster Perth.

Exterior plastering service Perth generally includes-

  1. Sand Finish Rendering- It gives a consistent durable crack free wall finish. It transforms tired or weathered surfaces, even painted brick.
  1. Acrylic Texture Coating- Latest acrylic technologies are flexible and resilient. It gives clean modern look reducing possibility of finishes cracking and delaminating. This texture coating helps to withstand harsh Australian climate.
  1. Float and Set- It’s traditionally known as wet plastering. When the sand undercoat has set to a semi firm state the skim coat is ready to use. Constant mixing is necessary for this process and it acts as a good insulator. 
  1. Stone Cladding- It’s perfect for feature walls and facades. Stone or limestone cladding is an innovative way to an old building. A simple one-coat system makes this render easy for the renovators.

There are other interesting finishes available like bag finish (tight coat with broom or brush), stucco (unification of hydrated polymers, marble powder and cement) and beading.

Euro Trend exterior plastering service Perth has great respect for customer’s property and therefore they always ensure damage protection at its best. All you need to do go through the to choose the required services.