About Euro Trend Plastering

Most Frequently Asked Questions

What size jobs do you undertake?

We are able to complete small repair / maintenance work to all home residential, unit developments, commercial and industrial projects.

Can cement be applied over painted brick?

A painted surface will not directly bond cement products. Preparation of the surface such as removing the paint coating via sand blasting or water blasting entirely off the brick substrate will then allow a cement coating to adhere appropriately. If you are concerned about the inconvenience blasting can cause, a bonding agent can be used to adhere the cement coating via a two coat process which consists of : inspecting the paint coating, removing any loose paint particles, applying a bonding agent dash-coat which is allowed to fully dry. A final cement coating can now be applied over this prepared surface to achieve a desired wall coating finish.

I have sand finished walls that show hairline cracks, what can I do?

Traditional sand cement finishes often lead to cracking leaving the wall surface with visible cracks. This is more evident once the surface has absorbed water or moisture. The remedy is applying an Acrylic Texture coat over the sand render wall surface. Acrylic renders will eliminate and repair all traces of hairline cracks. A fine film paint coating will not repair the surface long term.