Internal concrete stairs ‘ applying’ a plaster coating. Initial preparation requires the installation of plastic beading which helps in achieving precision detail and curvature. Once all is in shape a bonding agent is applied to the concrete substrate to assist the render coating being able to bond to a smooth surface. A cement / plaster coating is then applied. Once firm this coating is then levelled off to produce a flat true finish which is then followed by a white-set plaster coating.

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Specialist plastering contractors can only produce precision and perfection.

This prestigious abode required an exterior wall coating that protected it from close proximity to the ocean. As salt is a major contributor to wall surface destruction, Eurotrend’s solution was to apply an exterior acrylic elastomeric coating that allows flexural movement to the substrate thus a higher-end wall coating finish was employed. To further protect and warrant the finish a surface top coat is definitely required.

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The client of this home required an aged exterior finish that had character and movement throughout the wall surfaces. Eurotrend suggested using coloured cement stucco would suite the exterior in creating this client’s overall effect. As the walls surface does not require painting, special care is required to maintain the consistency of colour. All exterior coloured cement renders must be applied in two coats which consist of a first coat that is prepared with a scratched surface coating and followed a finishing coat over the substrate. Euro trend recommends applying a sealer over the final surface will protect the coating and not allow moisture affecting the finish.

Venetian plaster

Venetian plaster is an internal decorative polished marble finish. By applying thin layers of coloured plaster by spatula or trowel up to three individual coats to a rendered wall the last coat being a finishing coat which is burnished or polished to create an illusion of depth and character. This coating is a true decoration, art work that complements any interior project. This finish is very time consuming and can take up to several days to complete due to allowing each coat to fully dry.

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