Brand New Appearance

Plaster Renovations


By applying a durable texture coating or plaster finish of customer choice and budget to an existing residence (whether it be internal or external walls), we are able to give your home, rental investment a fresh, modern and brand new appearance which will also increase the value of your PERTH property.

Many people are concerned about the inconvenience that renovating a home may cause.

Rest assured that you are in the very best of hands. Euro Trend Plastering PERTH have performed countless plaster renovations, our company is successfully able to carry out plaster renovation works while customer can continue to reside in their home.

EUROTREND PLASTERING has great respect for our customer’s property and belongings and therefore we ensure that no damage is caused. To prevent damage, we make certain that all fixtures and floors are covered. Once plastering renovation is complete, our tradesmen make sure home is left clean and tidy. We are responsible for leaving your job to a high standard.

We have testimonial letters from satisfied customers to confirm the above. Please view our testimonials.

Finally, please view our portfolio page there are various photos of houses, which show examples of Plaster renovation work that EUROTREND PLASTERING Perth have undertaken and carried out.

What you can expect

EuroTrend will provide a friendly and professional free consultation service. We will assist you in selecting the appropriate solution to your needs.

Once the plaster coating or surface coloured finish is discussed we provide a sample board of colour and texture for all coloured render systems.

We understand that timeline is very important so a project schedule is discussed to undertake all works successfully. It is our aim to keep you informed at all times, we make your life stress-free. For multi level exterior rendering we can provide scaffolding and hoist services as a package. All our scaffolding is erected by competent and licensed installers. Once our services are near completion we spend meticulous attention in restoring your premises and leave little evidence of our presence.

We truly expose why Euro Trend is a leader in the plastering trade.