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Concrete Repairs Perth

Concrete Repair Makeover to Remedial Assistance: Euro Trend Plastering Has It All

A good concrete repair gives durable, impressive and long-lasting result in your residential or commercial property. Concrete repairs is widely used in Perth, WA in small wall, walkway, balcony repairs to major structural damage and cosmetic applications.

Carbonation and chloride ion attack, chemical attack, insufficient concrete cover, cracks caused by expansion or contraction, erosion by fast flowing water, freezing of tapped water, thermal attack, fire or radiant heat, sea water effects cause severe damage which concrete repair can only handle. Concrete cancer is another term which is the corrosion process within concrete.

All these problematic conditions generally appear due to extreme climatic conditions of Perth and after many years of constant abuse. But occasionally some conditions can appear in a short period of time. Poor site practice during construction can also be a cause. Spalling and cracks in reinforced concrete often occur as a result of corrosion of the steel reinforcing bars.

Concrete repairs Perth by Euro Trend Plastering includes skilled and knowledge based solutions designed and applied with care and attention to detail. The repair process gets started after-

  • Assessment of the concrete fault
  • Finding the cause of damage
  • Removing the cause of damage
  • Analysing surfaces before applying rendering products
  • Determining strength, durability and aesthetics

Our Concrete Repairs Perth Services

  • Repair of reinforced concrete structures featuring break out
  • Protection of embedded steel reinforcement
  • Surface application of migrating corrosion inhibitors, anti-carbonation, chloride barriers to prevent future degradation.

Concrete repairs Perth by Euro Trend Plastering is an ultimate destination for concrete repair makeover, commercial property remedial maintenance and roofline waterproofing. We specialise in providing cost-effective but expert construction systems. We offer durable finishes ensuring all repairs are professionally matched. Customers trust our services as we ensure innovative solutions, techniques and materials to repair concrete structures reinstating the structural integrity and durability of the property.