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Cracking is a common phenomenon even in case of a well-built home. Damaged plasters are visible generally below the cornice, window surrounds and above openings. Poor roofing, badly sealed windows, single wall construction cause damp. There comes the need for plaster repairs Perth.

Plasterers Perth can repair internal plaster coatings back to a paint ready surface. Euro Trend Plastering’s knowledge in solid plastering trade makes them the clear winner in plaster repairs Perth. They provide the recoating of entire wall surface to give it the protection it needs. Call Euro Trend Plastering today and see the difference.

Internal/External PERTH PLASTER Maintanance“THERMAL EXPANSION”

Most of PERTH’S well established homes will have some internal / external- render cracking.

Generally damaged plaster areas appear below the cornice, window surrounds and above openings. Quite often the affected area becomes drummy and eventually the internal plaster or external render may show visible fractures or worst case fall out.

Repairing damaged plaster / render involves

  • assessing the problematic area first
  • then removing any loose render back to the substrate

Quite often the cracks may travel through the brick and therefore a professional approach such as

  • pressure grouting with epoxy or meshing

may be required before application of cement render.

Once areas have been repaired, allow 7-14 days before the plaster surface receives a paint coating.

Plastering Perth Plaster Repairs


There are many factors that can cause Internal Plaster to fail. Poor roofing, guttering, down pipes, badly sealed windows, leaking shower confinements and single wall construction are the culprit. These problems create openings for rising damp to develop. Once water or moisture is drawn through the rendered walls surface constantly, over a period of time it will eventually reach the inside of your Home leading to Plaster damage. As internal white plaster cannot deal with moisture it will fail and begin decomposing it’s structural integrity. Plaster will crack, peel, blow and even rot. This wet environment is also a breeding ground for mildew and mould causing a discomfort, unpleasant order that can be also a health concern. Eurotrend Plastering provide free expert advice and can repair internal plaster coatings back to a paint ready surface.

There are many issues related to poor quality Plaster and Render. Firstly not understanding or adhering to the manufacturer’s recommendations with correct mixing ratios, not using clean PERTH plasterers sand that has minimal clay content (using brickies sand is not appropriate for rendering walls), too much water content, not using the correct Plaster products that suite the application, not applying Plaster products within their drying- time limit, there are a lot of variables. By employing a PERTH plastering contractor you must not only be content on price but also your contractor’s experience because many plaster problems surface not today but at a later period. Eurotrend`s Plastering knowledge in the solid plastering trade , I believe is why we are a leader in the Perth PLASTERING and RENDERING industry.



Clay bricks are effectively a hard sponge. They contain thousands of tiny pores which are able to absorb water but do not cause concern as that of when the brick composition starts to fail. Over time some poor quality bricks especially when salt, wind and rain are constantly stressing it’s surface, it too will eventually fail. Now you can have structural and insulation problems. Before this situation gets worse and is not repairable with a plaster cement coating , Eurotrend plastering PERTH can provide advice and repair only after a visual inspection of the substrate.

The common cause of this problematic condition is caused from extreme PERTH weathered climatic conditions and generally appear after many years of constant abuse. But occasionally some conditions can appear in a short period of time. If the brick layer has applied his mortar bed during extreme hot weather cycles and has not allowed the cement to set within its timeframe this can cause the mortar to become brittle and erode in several years. Therefore, wetting down the bricks is a must. Secondly, if the cement used is not in accordance with the manufacturers recommendations, then this serious condition will also affect the mortar. Eurotrend PLASTERING PERTH can assist you in providing expert advice and are highly capable of re-coating the entire wall surface to give it the protection it needs.


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