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EXTERNAL SANDFINISH (Perth WA)External sand finish is a cementious coating which is manually applied to an exterior brick substrate,

consisting of

  • Swan GP cement
  • Lime
  • Sand and a
  • Water repellent additive

Using applicator tools a cement coat is applied to all brick surfaces and when the Sand Render coating semi-sets the specialist plasterer will prepare the surface flat and void of any hollows.

Next tools such as a Sand Finish float is worked over the Cement Render face in a circular motion with the addition of water the objective is to embed the sand particles into the render.

Once an even uniform finish is achieved, the finish is then followed by a Sand finish sponge float that slightly brings the sand textured grains to the surface.

Sand finish must be kept damp (using a light spray system) in assisting the curing of cement to a durable and solid state.

It also prevents hair-line cracking to a minimum.

Allow at least 1-2 weeks before painting your Sand Finish wall coating.
If Sand finish is your preferred exterior wall coating and a coloured cement render finish is your style, we can provide an acrylic modified cement render solution which helps in minimising hairline cracks.
To achieve colour consistency we measure all cement products, and use pure white silica sand that has no clay content .


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