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Polished Cement Stucco (dado) Perth W.A

Conventional methods for Glass-Face polished plaster finish, cement render in Perth W.A is a two coat process which consists of a cement render base coat followed by a top coat consisting of cement / sand / lime putty .The artisan plasterer will trowel and burnish the cementitious plaster coating while in a partially hydrated state and align the aggregate mixed particles to the surface to create a polished smooth sealed surface finish. Coloured oxide powders can be added to polished plasters to achieve custom unique designs. It is essential to keep the finished polished plaster coating adequately hydrated (contain water) during the curing process so that premature plaster shrinking / crazing does not occur.

External polished cement render (dado) finish is commonly used in architectural designed homes as a wall feature to replicate the look of concrete . In high traffic areas cement dado finish is also used in schools, restaurants, hospitals and industrial applications due to it’s durable hard-wearing properties.

Euro Trend Plastering are fully committed to product development and improvement, a principle that is
an integral part of our business thinking. Reliability with traditional construction- site mixed dado render
(cement / lime putty / plasterers sand ) needed to be addressed. To often the plastering contractor fails to correctly gauge the components, which will lead to poor strength , crazing and early drying thus causing ingress of moisture which leads to efflorecence.
Maintaining colour consistency is a problematic issue when mixing on site components (poor quality plasterers sand ) . Although plastering contractors have used the traditional practices for many years , the coating system should not be applied externally.
Eurotrend plastering use and recommend our factory-pre mixed one pack dry cement/ acrylic modified
quality dado polished render coating .


  • improved flexural strength(no cracking or crazing)
  • top quality factory batched consistency
  • adhesion to a variety of substrates
  • long-term durability of the plaster coating system
  • reduction in chalking an efflorecence
  • a strong hydrophobic (water- repellent)effect
  • can be applied to exterior insulation and finishing systems
  • colour consistency

For technical information please call Tony Mavica for further details.